IT infrastructure is the foundation for businesses with the need to scale on demand. Agiliad is part of the Storage journey from traditional systems to hyper-converged systems, to cloud storage, and virtualization.

We work with technologies from SATA/HDD, PCIe, SSD/Flash drives, to NVMe in Storage devices and controller side, to scalable software-defined on-premise and cloud infrastructure. Compute, Storage, and Network components of the data center are now themselves managed software end-points, and we have experience across all three.

Agiliad is involved in all levels of data storage engineering from chip to cloud to help our customers realize value out of their infrastructure by:

  • Helping enterprise storage providers build software-managed and effective IT platforms
  • Automating operations to reduce the cost and effort to implement and manage IT infrastructure
  • Optimizing data for efficient use of infrastructure resources
  • Improving the manageability of data for flexibility and to assure business continuity
  • Easing infrastructure setup and deployment orchestration for end customers
  • Advancing infrastructure analytics and visualization for infrastructure assessment, capital planning, and more

Core Storage

  • Compute and Fabric 
  • Firmware, Drivers and Controller module development, and test for Drives
  • Drive Management Tool development for HDDs and SSDs,
  • Automation Test Framework development
  • Automated Switch configurations
  • Storage, Server, and Network device virtualization

Data Protection Services

  • Provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Backup and Restore solutions
  • Multi-cloud backup solutions
  • Provide business continuity
  • Provide Data integrity
  • Providing services on Secure data movement across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure


  • Storage, Compute and Fabrics, VMs, and more
  • Automated deployments
  • Configuration and Orchestration
  • Manageability services
  • Containerization
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Scalable deployments

Hyperconverged Systems

  • Core QE
  • Sustaining
  • Bug fixing and enhancements
  • DevOps
  • Release Engineering
  • Tools and Analytics Portal development
  • Lab Administration

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

  • Development, sustenance, and testing of Converged Infrastructure solution elements such as network, storage, processing, security, deployment, and manageability
  • Manage, control, configure, orchestrate, visualize datacenter from software interface
  • Converged, hyperconverged, and d-HCI infrastructures


  • Monitor h/w on s/w infrastructure and provide insights on its health
  • Enable customers to predict and prevent problems in their environment well in advance
  • Recommendations for improving performance and optimizing IT resources
  • Analytics for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Integration of cloud data analytics platforms
  • Infrastructure Assessment Analytics
  • Support Diagnostic Analytics
  • Asset Health Analytics 
  • Topology visualization

Storage Technology Stack

Our Approach


Tracking the rapidly evolving medical device and healthcare landscape and strive to leverage technology across multiple domains


Striving for radical innovation, help our customers create options by transforming ideas into functional prototypes


Enable medical device innovators to create affordable medical devices through frugal engineering to specifically address the needs of emerging markets


Build relevant domain expertise complimented with wide technology experience within our team to develop integrated solutions to our customer

Our Offerings

End to End Product Design

Hardware-Software co-engineering Real time system Visualization software Product Validation Regulatory & compliance engineering

Value Engineering

Product Obsolescence management
Product proof of value
RoHS compliance
Environmental Qualification

Digitalization of Healthcare Systems

DL/ML based clinical & imaging algorithms
Cloud & Mobility solutions for medical IoT
AI for workflow optimization & clinical solutions

Digital Health Solutions

Integration Solutions
Healthcare Data Analytics
Cybersecurity Solutions
Clinical analysis program management