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Why Us?

At Agiliad we seek to discover the innovator in all of us and in that process, we aim to provide the opportunities and space necessary for engineers to grow and express themselves. We believe that individual career growth and success can be achieved by creating an environment that reinforces the basic premise of learning – by focusing on fundamentals, spreading knowledge organically, and providing early and diverse exposure.

Key aspects that drive learning and career growth at Agiliad:

Accelerated Learning – experts leading experts

Engineers at Agiliad get opportunities to work closely with some of the best technical minds in the industry – architects and engineering leaders with exemplary accomplishments in product engineering. Flat hierarchies and early enablement of these interactions play a significant part in this process.

Focus on Engineering, Innovation and R&D

We focus on collaborative innovation with R&D teams of leading global technology companies in specialized domains. We achieve this through our unique high-impact small team model. Agiliad teams have been instrumental in the grounds-up development of some very exciting products for customers.

Chip to Cloud – Depth and breadth

From designing powerful cloud-enabled software products to writing low-level firmware code, from developing Devops tools and Infrastructure to designing high-performance edge analytics hardware, we offer a whole spectrum of technology solutions to our customers – end-to-end Digital expertise.

Diversity and Culture – Engineering DNA

At Agiliad we take pride in the engineering culture of the company and the opportunity that our developers get by working closely with some of the world’s best R&D teams. Our customers recognize our capability of nurturing young talent and providing them with the necessary tools to grow and flourish.

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