Medical Devices and Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the delivery of healthcare services through digital, remote, and virtual methods. This requires rapidly deploying new software/hardware architectures, software as a medical device, connectivity solutions, maintenance and upgrades of installed systems, and also ensuring information security. Coupled with the ever-changing regulatory environment and constant new innovation, these rapid changes make this domain unique and challenging.

The medical devices and healthcare technology team at Agiliad brings solid capabilities of cross-domain technology and a deep understanding of medical modalities and regulatory expectations. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Imaging Modalities (Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Endoscopy), POC devices, Diagnostics, Algorithm optimizations using GPGPU, CUDA, DirectX, Surgical Navigation, Endoscopy, and Surgical Tools
  • Healthcare Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, Personal Healthcare, Med IoT, CyberSecurity
  • Connectivity Solutions, AWS, Azure, Private Cloud integration, Microservices, Virtualization
  • Product V&V, Test Automation, DevOps, Medical Standards –IHE, DICOM, HL7, HIPAA, ISO13485

Embedded & Hardware Platform

  • System Modeling
  • Real-Time Hypervisors
  • BSP, Real-time OS
  • Embedded Visualization & Web
  • Platform migration
  • Value Engineering
  • Sensor Technology
  • GPU, FPGA Design
  • Compliance testing (UL, CE-EMC, EMI, RoHS)

Surgical Planning Software Systems

  • Advanced 2D, 3D image rendering, modern GUI, workflow
  • Concept to product release & post-release stages
  • Imageless, Multimodal, 2D to 3D, Pre/Intra/Post-operative workflows
  • Active/Passive trackers, IR stereo camera, EM position digitizers, 3D EM Needle tracking 

Algorithm Engineering for Imaging Devices

  • Cutting edge CPU, GPU-based high-performance computing
  • Frameworks, algorithm modules, engineering analysis
  • DirectX, CUDA, OpenGL, SIMD, OpenMP, OpenCL. Ultrasound Scanner, CT, and MRI systems.

AI-based Healthcare Systems

  • Data curation, model training, AI model architectures: feed forward CNN, RNN, LSTM, Transformers.
  • Clinical solutions: AI based segmentation, classification of Mammography, CT, X-ray data Sensor data analytics using ML.
  • Cloud-based AI DevOps systems, custom tools for data pre-processing, labelling

IoT for Medical Devices

  • Wireless connectivity (BLE, 5G, Wi-Fi Mesh)
  • Edge devices and analytics
  • Data analytics and dashboards
  • BYOD and mobile applications
  • Cyber security Cloud enablement
  • Web application development

End to End Product Design

  • Mobile, cloud computing, wireless connectivity, analytics
  • User and clinical outcome-centric workflows
  • Endoscopy, visible light, and depth camera-based solutions
  • Intense mission mode projects execution
  • NIST compliance analysis for products
  • Medical DICOM
  • Qt and WPF based application development

Medical Devices and Healthcare Technology Stack



Mobile Desktop Apps Cloud Apps

Mobile Desktop Apps Cloud Apps, High Resolution Imaging 2D, Video 4K, High Performance 3D and 4D rendering for Real-time and offline Analysis, Professional Multimodality Radiology Workstations

Cloud Services

Data persistence Containers Microservices Big Data

Data persistence Containers Microservices, Big Data, Data analytics, Device Level Deployments of Software Components, Largescale Device Monitoring and Analytics

Connectivity Services

HIS, LIS, RIS/PACS, IHE, HL7, DICOM, Customized Protocol Development, TLS, Wireless Signal and Visual Data Streaming

Application & Firmware Offerings

Medical Device System Software, Firmware, Frameworks and Platform Architecture for Medical Devices, Visualization & Surgical Navigation Frameworks / Workstations – VTK, ITK, MITK, RTK, Qt, JS, VTK.js,

Device Level Services

HW Layer Chip Layer GPGPU FPGA

GPU, GPGPU, Drivers, TLS, TPM, Device Connectivity Provisioning


Data at rest- Bitlocker, Database Encryption, Data in transit – DICOM Security, TLS, System integrity – TPM, STIG, , Security Assessment and Secure Coding Analysis, Monitoring Features Audit logging, OS Security Patch Update Ownership, Standards and specific regulations – NIST, HIPPA, DoD, FDA

Our Approach


Tracking the rapidly evolving medical device and healthcare landscape and strive to leverage technology across multiple domains


Striving for radical innovation, help our customers create options by transforming ideas into functional prototypes


Enable medical device innovators to create affordable medical devices through frugal engineering to specifically address the needs of emerging markets


Build relevant domain expertise complimented with wide technology experience within our team to develop integrated solutions to our customer

Our Offerings

End to End Product Design

Hardware-Software co-engineering Real time system Visualization software Product Validation Regulatory & compliance engineering

Value Engineering

Product Obsolescence management
Product proof of value
RoHS compliance
Environmental Qualification

Digitalization of Healthcare Systems

DL/ML based clinical & imaging algorithms
Cloud & Mobility solutions for medical IoT
AI for workflow optimization & clinical solutions

Digital Health Solutions

Integration Solutions
Healthcare Data Analytics
Cybersecurity Solutions
Clinical analysis program management

Customer Speak

The prototype of the new product is indeed nice and amazingly done. I am here in China to review the prototype and then on a fairly global scale (Europe and then US) for discussion and demonstration of capabilities. The product looks very nice and I can’t wait to discuss it further with marketing and sales team. Agiliad team’s commitment to get this done is real and shows true partnership. 

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