High Impact Medical Devices - Emerging markets focus

Advancements in medical technology especially driven by electronics and software must, as a prime objective, enable wider and farther reach of medical products for larger good. It is important that medical devices used for both diagnostics and therapeutics are affordable and available to everyone who needs them. At Agiliad, we believe that we can only help realize this need.

There are critical factors, and quite a few of them are related to engineering, that determine and influence the impact of medical devices e.g. cost of the device, use case, maintainability etc. A combination of use case driven engineering and cost innovation will be the key. As a strategic focus, Agiliad is committed to invest and contribute to initiatives in this direction and support medical device innovators in building such high impact device, primarily by leveraging our experience with global leaders.

Our Approach

Our approach is derived on the fact that the needs of emerging markets can be addressed not just by packaging the products in a certain way, but in most cases using a grounds up approach. This is likely to include analysis of local use cases, proof of value of existing products and architectures and in most cases, coming up with an engineering approach that is custom made to address unique challenges related to these use cases.

  • Involving the right ecosystem stakeholders: Agiliad has built strong collaborative partnerships with hospitals & clinical research setups, academic institutes, niche research and consulting companies and start-ups to identify, conceptualize and realize prototypes for ideas to build high impact medical devices.

  • Technology Initiative: We believe that we need to be a step ahead in our pursuit to be an enabling partner for our customers. This especially applies to our technical know and translates in terms of how we leverage cross domain skills in the medical devices areas. Our initiatives in creating useful assets and accelerators are leveraged by our customers, especially domain specialists who depend on our teams to drive engineering and technology.

  • Understanding the domain: Our domain specialists in the medical devices are equipped to appreciate and contribute to the product development by bringing in specific skills that are critical to the domain. These are areas like medical imaging, point of care devices, patient monitoring systems and various kinds of stimulation techniques.

Few Examples

  • Device for estimation of gestational age of a foetus: This is an important clinical practice, crucial for monitoring the health of a mother as well as the foetus. The conventional method for this estimation is by ultrasonography. However, because of lack of infrastructure in resource poor setting another method for this estimation is the measure of the symphysis-fundus height. Manual methods for fundal height measurement are prone to error, our engineers have developed a scalable working prototype for automatic measurement using a simple low-end camera for the base version and enhancing it by using depth camera for volume measurement.

  • Collaborative development of low-cost radiotherapy system : As part of a very important initiative for collaborative development of a dual energy LINAC system led by a government research lab, Agiliad is driving cost and engineering innovation by locally designing the electrical control systems and software for a highly safety critical application. The system is expected to bring down the cost of this machine significantly and present the design as a solution for mid-tier state owned hospitals in the country.

  • Support for end-to-end engineering of a neuro-rehabilitation device: The Agiliad medical device specialists were involved on this product right from the concept phase including performing a proof of value and technology. The solution involves developing a high reliable embedded delivery and feedback system, an Android based control and workflow management application communicating via Bluetooth with the delivery system and a cloud based server application for information consolidation and analysis.