Agiliad Process Framework for Accelerating Innovation

Agiliad believes in Agility and sharply focused efforts combined with a judicious mix of acceleration ingredients to achieve the goal of accelerating its design innovation and product development. The Quality Management System describes Agiliad’s commitment to quality assurance that ensures highest levels of customer satisfaction. Agiliad delivers value through nimble yet effective processes that are crisply defined making them easy to use.

Guiding Principles

The Agiliad Quality Management System is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Ownership - Maintaining high quality is every employee’s responsibility

  • Ecosystem - Vendors are equally responsible to help us deliver quality services to our customers

  • Format - Our QMS is designed to be simple to follow and implement, containing flowchart or graphics based procedures, realistic, lean, abstracted at a higher level, and guideline oriented

  • Clarity - Crisply defined procedures to design safe & effective systems and to engineer safety critical products

  • Flexibility - Collaborate and align with customer’s processes and SOPs

  • Consistency - Strive for consistency in our activities and adhere to required standards

  • Continuity - Focus on continual improvement in quality of our processes and services

Agiliad Quality Policy

Agiliad strives to serve its customers with best quality services and solutions which is imbibed in our Quality Policy as well.

We seek to deliver high-quality engineering and R&D services to our customers. Quality is an integral part of our day to day activities, it is every employee’s responsibility.

  • Safety: Adhere to applicable standards and guidelines to ensure safety of the products that we work on and our environment

  • Goal: Continually improve quality for us, our customers, and our ecosystem by bringing the elements of innovation, agility and focus to quality

  • Aspiration: Be a learning organization and seek continual improvements in our services to customers aimed at increased customer satisfaction

Drivers for delivering Results

Agiliad successfully produces results and delivers desired output by providing customized solutions to customer making use of the following key drivers:

  • Compliance - The Agiliad Quality Management System is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standard and meets all Statutory, regulatory, industry and customer requirements

  • Industry Standards - Agiliad process framework has been built using combination of standards like CMMi, IEC 61508, ISO 13485, ISO 14971

  • Collaborative Innovation - Partnering and sharing ideas seamlessly between engineering teams and leveraging talent located across geographic boundaries.

Acceleration Ingredients

Based on the rich experience of our seniors and talented engineers at Agiliad, we have developed important elements in our process framework that help accelerate our projects and the entire process of product design and development by applying thought, techniques and action.

Agiliad applies the following techniques for ensuring acceleration in design and development:

  • Concurrent Systems Engineering – Problem analysis is carried out in the early phases from a system engineering standpoint to view the problem from top-down system level

  • Feasibility analysis – Identification of critical technology components and establishing technical feasibility to confirm possible solutions during early phases to avoid delay in identifying a solution during the design phase

  • Pre-built and reusable components – Maintaining a repository of items which are reusable

  • Identify the core part – At the initial stage quickly identify the most critical part of the product that needs careful attention to tackle the most complex items

  • In-depth review – Aim for zero rework and avoid costly retrace/respin/error-correction cycles by ensuring diligent reviews

  • High Impact Team – Agiliad nurtures innovation based on high impact small team capable of delivering non-linear output with “engineering only” focus

  • Focus on critical pieces – Focus on Integration and fixing during each phase of the product development life cycle

  • Setup a Good Ecosystem - Partner with the right expertise groups/eco-system partners to speed up the development process