Domain Expertise

Storage and Computing

The Storage industry landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace and is driven by some defining trends:

  • Fast storage: Storage is finally able to keep up with CPU speeds through the advent of solid state drives and high speed buses.

  • Software defined storage: Virtual components integrate with physical systems to give way to new services and an altogether new approach to proprietary intelligence.

  • Cloud storage: Users and Enterprises alike expect data storage on-demand. Cloud-based alternatives have evolved rapidly in recent years.

  • Data Analytics: Data analytics can now add an element of value to otherwise largely stacked data giving new insights.
The Agiliad team has been working with Storage industry leaders and has built capabilities that enable us to differentiate our offerings and align ourselves with the evolving Storage landscape.

Our Approach

  • Validate forward looking ideas requiring end-to-end prototyping

  • Create conformance, regression and quality assessment tools for evolving standards in Storage.

  • Create solutions and interfaces that simplify Storage data centre maintainability

  • Create efficient models and algorithms to analyse data and assist in building decision support systems

  • Custom storage solutions for cross domain applications

  • Homogenize storage product portfolio in a more agile, trusted and cost efficient way

Case Studies

  • Technology Partner for Regulatory Tool Design

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  • Engineering Partner in Re-engineering of workflow application

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  • Engineering Partner of Hybrid Storage OEM

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  • Collaboration with Medical Device Innovators

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  • Building Next Generation Test Platform for a Class-III medical device

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  • High Performance Algorithm Design for Medical Diagnostics Equipment

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Our Expertise and Offerings

Solid State Technologies
  • Hybrid Storage software services
  • Cache enhancements for IO accelerators & Adapters
  • SSD Flash Controllers verification
  • NVMe/AHCI protocol for SSD
  • Flash emulation
Virtualization Technologies
  • Multi-Hypervisor support
  • Virtualized hardware solutions (Software Defined Storage / SDS)
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerant Solutions
  • Optimizers & Configurators for data centre maintenance
Cloud Computing Technologies
  • Cloud implementation, deployment, migration and data analysis solutions
  • Cloud based enablement over Axeda, Amazon, Azure, Heroku
  • Storage system features revamp to fulfil cloud requirements
Analytics & Big Data Technologies
  • Integration of Analytics algorithms and tools into Storage system software
  • Customized framework, models and algorithms for data optimization, data transformation, & data presentation
Computing Software
OpenStack, Open source Hadoop, Performance benchmarking, Optimization Algorithms for Cloud
Storage Types
Solid state/Hybrid Storage, Object based Storage, Cloud Storage, Software-defined Storage, Scale-out & Hyper- Converged technologies
Storage Feature Upgrades
De-duplication, policy-based storage, WAN optimization solutions, Backup, Archival and security services, Mobile device enablement
ESXi/HyperV/Xen/KVM Hypervisors, API and Plugin enablement for vendor stacks such as VMWare/Microsoft/OpenStack, Converged Infrastructure solutions & nested simulation solutions for data centres
Communication Protocols
Storage Building Blocks
File system, Volume Managers, IO Accelerators, Controllers and drivers
SCSI Express, NVMe, SATA, AHCI, JEDEC, PCIe support and validation
Product QA & Test
Unit test automation, Functional testing, Compliance & conformance testing, Interoperability testing, Stress and Performance testing