Case Study: Collaboration with Medical Device Innovators

>> Turnkey development and clinical analysis support for a medical device start-up

Agiliad’s Role

  • End to end development of the complete stimulation delivery system
  • Active participation in conducting and managing the clinical trials at one of India’s leading healthcare institutions
  • Android based stimulation management and control software with a smart trial assist program with video capture and analysis capabilities
  • Cloud based backend system for analysis of the trial and efficacy of the delivery system
  • Deliver trial ready prototypes manufactured locally

Program highlights


The company is started by a highly accomplished team of Silicon Valley scientists and technologists with an objective to build novel, simple, and powerful solution for enhancing neuro-rehabilitation.

Agiliad Solution

The Agiliad medical device specialists were involved on this product right from the concept phase including performing a proof of value and technology. The solution involves developing a high reliable embedded delivery and feedback system, an Android based control and workflow management application communicating via Bluetooth with the delivery system and a cloud based server application for information consolidation and analysis.

Agiliad value proposition and customer benefits

  • Accelerated product development leading to highly reduced time to market
  • End to end responsibility from concept to manufactured prototypes avoiding the need for the customer to deal with multiple stakeholders
  • Program management of the clinical trial process in collaboration with a leading healthcare provider in India
  • Active involvement of Agiliad medical device and product design specialist to own the overall roadmap enabling the customer to focus on the clinical aspects
  • Complete ownership of the medical device development processes leading to requisite regulatory approvals