Case Study: Engineering Partner in Re-engineering of workflow application

>> End to End development based on a hybrid architecture scalable to SAAS based business model

Agiliad’s Role

  • Reverse engineering of existing system for requirement elicitation and identification
  • Technology assessment and selection based on the current and future need
  • SAAS based scalable platform architecture to support multiple kind of databases and ease of customization
  • Usability design as per the industry trends and end user requirements

Program highlights

Customer intents to migrate their existing workflow automation product for residential and commercial construction companies to new technology platform. However, customer wants stage wise market release of new modules i.e. some of the old technology components have to be replaced at later stage. The solution involves developing an extendable platform, which supports stage wise development and release of modules and could be scaled as cloud solution.

Agiliad value proposition and customer benefits

  • Agiliad engineering team’s detail assessment helped in taking decision on migration strategy, and technology selection
  • Assist in improving the workflow by integrating the process, simplifying the user interface, and adding new features like administration hub, role based access etc.
  • Maximize the reuse of the existing source code
  • Planned knowledge transfer to Agiliad team to minimize the dependency on the customer’s SME